Haz Mat Transportation

We Are Your Source for Hazardous Material and Chemical Transportation

With Cargo Net Transportation you can be assured your cargo be well taken care of our drivers are fully trained in the shipping of hazardous cargo. Landstar offers ongoing commitment to safety and our service is one of the best in in our industry.

When it comes to shipping Hazardous Materials and chemicals, Cargo Net Transportation has the experience you need.

  • All Landstar Business Capacity Owners are required to be HazMat Certified
  • Approximately 6,500 Landstar truck operators have Tanker Endorsement
  • HazMat educational programs prepared exclusively for Landstar truck operators
  • Additional support from Landstar HazMat and Compliance teams
  • A member of the American Chemistry Council
  • Chemicals & Coatings Transport
  • All Landstar transportation services companies are certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality management system standards and RC14001:2008 environmental, health, safety and security management system standards.

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